Shaymin Event - ToysXL Eindhoven



Dutch Shaymin Event

A Report by Susan Rocket


Day One (Eindhoven)


When I entered the ToysXL store I was greeted not by a Nintendo staff member, but by an unsuspecting lady who was giving out folders of 15% reduction of all prizes. I couldn’t care less about that and went straight to the small cardboard setup where Shaymin was downloadable. No Pikachu or other mascot in sight. I had a lot of copies of Diamond from people who wanted a Shaymin as well, so I started downloading the green hedgehog of gratitude. After a few minutes, an enthusiastic Nintendo representative appeared.

Nintendo Rep - “Do you know how to download Shaymin?”
Me - “Of course, can I ask you a few questions?”
Nintendo Rep - “Okay, if I can answer them.”
Me - “First question, is this Shaymin different than the ones they gave out in America’s Toys R Us?”

Nintendo Rep - *blank look* “They gave out Shaymin? I thought you got an item so you could catch it.” (Obviously he had been talking to people who had hacked Oak’s letter to gain Shaymin or those who went to the Japanese event for it.)

Me - "Last question, did a lot of people download Shaymin today?” (it was around half past three)
Nintendo Rep - “Oh yes! A lot of people have appeared already today!”
Me - “Thank you for your time!”
Nintendo Rep - “You’re welcome”

After gaining the last few Shaymins, I got set to leave and made a picture of the Nintendo guy with the ‘stand’. He stopped me and I received a nice looking Giratina bookmark.



* OT: Movie11 instead of TRU (ToysRUs)



Day Two (Breda)


When I entered the ToysXL store in Breda I was again greeted by a Nintendo staff member, but this one actually never played Pokémon he said, he just had a PSP. So he had to play 20 minutes of the game to be able to know what to say. Instead of downloading this time I went to trade with people and made another photo of kids downloading Shaymin (action photo!) I managed to trade 2 event Darkrai’s for a shiny level 100 Flygon and a Japanese Munchlax. There also was a girl who wanted to trade a shiny level 100 Arceus, but I’ll wait till a legit comes along…instead I battled her Arceus against my Charizard…and won…who’s your god now? (always wanted to say that…)






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