2003 Gemma Louise Bright



Feels like I'm drifting on this journey

Trying to find a hope to cling to

Trying to keep the light alive



Some time ago I was a dreamer

But then those dreams, they shattered


Like the glass on which I tread

Dreams are memories in my head

Life seems so unstable, yet

Still those things that keep me going through


The happiness I find in friends, like you


Not so long ago I didn't have a care

I didn't have a heart or a hope to share

And then I met you

You brought me through

You gave me strength to do those things I couldn't do


I wanted to break free, I wanted to be me

I wanted to stop living in this treachery


And then I met you,

You showed me a way out

You showed me what true friendship was all about


Where would I be without my true company?

I'd still be lost in that rhythm, in that monotony

It may seem hard now, and the hope may seem dim

But with my friends here I'll bet I can win


Where would I be without my friends beside me?

I'd still be locked up in here without a door or a key

But somehow I still managed to break free


Break free...

Break free...


So even though my dreams seem so very far away

With my friends I long to stay