2004 Gemma Louise Bright


Another night alone

Under the silver moon

I'm hoping without premise

That I'll be with you soon


And I wonder if you're hurting

Just as much as I am here

And I hope that you're not crying

Because the end is drawing near


So please

Have no fear


Ever since Meowsie

Caused me so much pain

I didn't know whether I

Could face the light again


But something deep inside

Kept pulling me right through

It must have been that something

That led me straight to you


And I

Know it's true



You lit up my heart like a morning star

Now I wish I could find out where you are

For I'm lost inside my mind

Since I left you far behind

In the clutches of the dark, deep inside



It won't be too long and we'll join once more

The clouds, they will pass and our hopes will soar

And every night I sit and count the seconds

Till things return to how they were before