An Unrequited Love Song


©2006 Gemma Louise Bright


ERROL - How do I know that I’m in love

When I cannot see your face?

How do I know I’ve found someone

Whom time cannot replace?


ROSE - How do I know when it stole away

The passion in your eyes

For watching you in distant thought

Still hurts me deep inside


CALEY - How will I know unless you tell

Me that you feel the same

I fear I’ll peer into your heart

And see someone else’s name


DENISE – How can I see if it’s meant to be

When you’re lost in worlds so far from me

And yet I’m still here wondering

If I could join your game


ERROL – Dark nights…

ROSE – With far off stars…

CALEY – Makes me realize just how separate we are

DENISE – But even so, I know I won’t forget

ALL – Things may not be that simple but I’m happy that we met




ADAM - How can this circumstance be fair

When I can’t touch your smile?

Though I can see you everywhere

Is it really worth my while?


JASMYNA – How can I keep remembering

The times we had as friends?

When my head longs to dive deeper

And my heart longs it to end?


ADAM – Kind words…

JASMYNA – And open arms…

LOUISE – Someone strong that would shelter me from harm

TOM – But even though, love’s harder that it seems


ALL – We may be miles apart but we’re together in our dreams