THE KEY : Pokémon Rebirth Ultimatum Theme 1


©2006 Gemma Louise Bright


He stepped into the world

Just like every other guy

With a smile upon his face

And his hopes so very high


Little did he know

Of the journey that was set

And the happenstance of everyone

That hung over his head


Drowning deep in the dark

Lost victims cried out

And it was so

That his path would cross with theirs

For goodness is everywhere


And alliances grow



Soon the world shall see

A common soul can have the key

The subtle means to set them free

From an ungodly destiny


Running from the shadows and

Running for the light

For reasons that were currently

Too far beyond his sight


Patching up the pieces

The figure soon to find

That the answer to his destiny

Lay deep inside his mind


Calling him from afar

A pillar of hope

And it was so

That his path would prove to be

A complex difficulty


For power to show




Standing strong in the dark

With friends by his side

Ready to fight

This figure with eyes of blue

And motives that no one knew


To rescue the light




When there's more to lose

Than trainer battles, contest ribbons

When faith is all you have to live on

That's when your strength is firmly proved