Bonnie Cormack

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Bonnie "Eris Radwell" Cormack is a ruthless Executive over Tatto's main division in Team Rocket.

Prideful, dictatorial and quite paranoid, Bonnie has had measures performed on herself to prevent others taking advantage, one of these being a distortia-based mental shield that stops psychic types prying into her mind. Needless to say, her already-questionable morals have been further warped from this experimental treatment.

Bonnie is not afraid to indirectly take more than a few lives in order to further her own ideals.




Bonnie thrives on her ability to manipulate other people, using both their skills and knowledge to gain a better foothold on the ladder of society. Team Rocket enabled her to access to all kinds of minds, both intelligent and unsuspecting. With these tools in her hands, Bonnie was able to manifest the first means of ultimate artificial human mind control - The P.R.O.C.U.



Bonnie considers positive emotions such as love and compassion to be major setbacks in people, and has made sure to destroy these emotions in those she encounters, if doing so furthers her plans.

During "Project Omega", Bonnie was responsible for the power outages that caused the trio of pokémon clones and the essence of Professor Fuji's daughter Amber to die during Mewtwo's development. She felt if the clones and Amber were allowed to thrive, Mewtwo's power would be dampened by his love for these other life forms.



  • Studied psychology.
  • Got kidnapped by members of Team Aqua and came to empathize with them.
  • Sought out Team Aqua and joined their ranks. [set to elaborate later]






Bonnie Cormack


34 (in 2001)



Hometown Oldale Town, HN


Class TR Executive
First Episode UL?? - ???