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Felino Ivy is a scientific researcher specialising in the field of Pokémon variation, particularly that of biological differences between members of the same species. He also takes great interest in Pokémon behaviours - studying the migration patterns of air and water-borne creatures that settle on or pass by Valencia Island.

A relatively unknown scientist, Ivy was first recognized by the Pokémon Institute after making contact with one of its most highly-esteemed members, Professor Samuel Oak. His laboratory is a converted villa donated by an anonymous wealthy couple who were interested in the continued preservation of the Pokémon upon Valencia.

Ivy sports a very cool and level-headed demeanour which helps him adapt to and deal with even the most unexpected situations. However, while his knowledge of Pokémon interactions is quite expansive, knowledge of their dietary requirements is limited.

Additionally, Ivy is rather uncoordinated when it comes to housekeeping. He can be reckless and lack forethought.




Felino is a competent drafter of reports, frequently submitting articles for publishing in magazines such as "Pokémon Researcher Monthly"



Felino is an adventurous sort that loves getting up close and personal with Pokémon. He'll take spontaneous trips in the middle of the night if it means obtaining vital or unusual data.


Felino Ivy


35 (in 2001)



Hometown Unknown


Class Pokemon Researcher
First Episode ???



Spoiler Warning - Major plot details may follow



Following exposure to a backlash of energy from GS-255 shortly after it was discovered upon the island, Felino's body was gender-swapped. Fortunately for him, he was still relatively unknown by much of the Pokémon Institute at the time, and as a result ended up forging a good deal of his scientific reputation while a woman.

At the same time, "Felina" forwarded the GS Ball to Prof. Oak in the hopes that he'd find a way to reverse what had happened.
Prior to the One Day World War, Felino obtained the data necessary for his and Miller Konane's reversion. He consequently used the events of the ODWW as a cover-up for the disappearance of "Felina".



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