Miller Konane

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Miller Trynt Konane is the enthusiastic research assistant to Professor Ivy. He has worked on Valencia Island for the past four years.

Miller tends to operate more on logic than emotion, sometimes finding it difficult to associate Pokemon's reactions with that of humans. Not very well acquainted with social niceties, he prefers to stay in the lab when Ivy goes to any Researcher Conventions.

Though enthusiastic and very helpful with his various laboratory duties, Miller proves rather inept when it comes to simplistic house tasks like cleaning and cooking.




Miller is pretty skilled in the field of mechanical construction and maintenance, keeping both Ivy's laboratory equipment and that of Valencia's Pokémon Center running efficiently.



Miller enjoys documenting events through film and wearing garishly-coloured shirts. He admires the Cyberspace and networking knowledge of his younger brother Celio.


Miller Konane


33 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, OA

Celio Konane

Class Lab Assistant
First Episode ???



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Following exposure to a backlash of energy from GS-255, Miller's body was gender-swapped and mass divided into three independently-functioning twelve year old beings which are all identical bar hair colour. These 'triplets' appeared to share the same memories and thus often finished off each others' sentences.



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