Larson Sloane

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Larson Sloane is a Class 5 Field Agent of the LFPE. Though he is a Snorlax, in order to appear less conspicuous, Larson conducts most of his investigations in human guise by using a Mirage Skin. However, due to the device's lack of translator, he is still unable to communicate with humans.

A pretty serious and no-nonsense character, Larson can get flustered easily and has been prone to calling the LFPE a little too often with unimportant information. This makes it harder for his vital reports to be filtered out or taken seriously. Larson feels underappreciated in the organization he works for, blaming it on the fact he is not only non-Lunari, but also because his species is a Snorlax which aren't considered the most intelligent of pokémon.


Larson is slimmer than most Snorlax, having resorted to eating less in an effort to remain awake longer. He prefers not to fight, but exhibits some impressive power when made to.



Being a pokémon, Larson is able to use a few special attack moves such as Brick Break.











Larson Sloane


?? (in 2001)



Hometown n/a


Class LFPE Field Agent
First Episode UL31 - Ally Switch