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WARNING - This is a major headcanon zone. 90% of what you'll read here is a result of speculation, theorizing and creativity.

The Rebirpedia is ongoing, as such, not all pages are accessible yet. Getting these pages online is an achingly slow job, as there are many higher priority things on my list.


Bringing you everything there is to know about the Rebirth universe, Rebirpedia offers a wealth of information on Pokémon species, various characters, phenomena, machines and more. The Rebirpedia contains spoilers with regards to Pokémon Rebirth stories. Most of them shall be placed between boxes:


Like these


 or obscured like this, but readers are still advised to proceed with caution.


Pokémon Rebirth is a fan-fiction project written in a branch continuity of the anime. This continuity takes into account the first 13 seasons/movies.

In the Rebirth Universe, the Unova, Kalos, Alola and Galar regions do not exist (not unless you count Tatto as being a parallel universe Galar). However, concepts from them have been referenced. Characters and Pokémon from these regions also make appearances, but they live in different regions of the world, and may have alternate back stories and personalities. For example, the Striaton Bros. are not Gym Leaders in the Rebirth Universe.



The majority of information detailed on Rebirpedia is headcanon produced in conjunction with the Pokémon Rebirth universe. Screenshots are captured from the official Pokémon anime.