THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Pokémon Rebirth over the last 20 years.

I close the door on the project with feelings of both sadness and satisfaction. It's never easy to say goodbye to something you spent so much time on, and made so many connections through. But it is good to know that I've given some of you just as much enjoyment reading this, as I had writing it - wild headcanons and all.

- G V L Bright




"...has heaps of worldbuilding, familiar characters breaking out of their tired old cycles

and developing in sorely needed ways [...] a really cool and nostalgic fic" ~ hawktalon [on 'Ultimatum']


"...my brain was constantly coming up with the animation to go with like some sort of Rebirth-themed season of the anime […] very entertaining and enjoying to read the whole time." ~ Philippa Gissing [on 'Ultimatum']


"...pretty much takes everything stereotyped about the traditional Pokémon journey

and tosses it out the window."     ~ Alyssa G. [on 'Ultimatum']


"The whole thing--the drama, the pacing, the humor, the character development, and the emotional impact--is spot-on. It also feels very much like Pokémon...when a fan work becomes almost as memorable to me as the original source, I consider it a sign of real storytelling skill and and talent." ~ShinyAeon [on 'Blank Pages']


"'Good fanfics' are merely an endangered species...or should I say 'series'?

Rebirth does exactly what its name states, it takes the current Pokémon franchise

and gives it new life, pointing it in a new -and even more addicting- direction". ~ Andy Roloson


"We have no hesitation in recommending this site to any Pokéfans

who are looking for something new."  ~ Pokémon World Magazine [issue 41]


"...takes Pokémon, removes all the stuff you hate, and produces a fantastic adventure!" ~ Dan Rushton





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