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"...has heaps of worldbuilding, familiar characters breaking out of their tired old cycles

and developing in sorely needed ways [...] a really cool and nostalgic fic" ~ hawktalon [on 'Ultimatum']


"...my brain was constantly coming up with the animation to go with like some sort of Rebirth-themed season of the anime […] very entertaining and enjoying to read the whole time." ~ Philippa Gissing [on 'Ultimatum']


"...pretty much takes everything stereotyped about the traditional Pokémon journey

and tosses it out the window."     ~ Alyssa G. [on 'Ultimatum']


"The whole thing--the drama, the pacing, the humor, the character development, and the emotional impact--is spot-on. It also feels very much like Pokémon...when a fan work becomes almost as memorable to me as the original source, I consider it a sign of real storytelling skill and and talent." ~ShinyAeon [on 'Blank Pages']


"'Good fanfics' are merely an endangered species...or should I say 'series'?

Rebirth does exactly what its name states, it takes the current Pokémon franchise

and gives it new life, pointing it in a new -and even more addicting- direction". ~ Andy Roloson


"We have no hesitation in recommending this site to any Pokéfans

who are looking for something new."  ~ Pokémon World Magazine [issue 41]


"...takes Pokémon, removes all the stuff you hate, and produces a fantastic adventure!" ~ Dan Rushton





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