Continuity Issues

As much as we have tried to stay in continuity with the first 13 seasons of the official anime, some minor concepts do slip through the net. This is usually due to an oversight on our part while scanning official episode data.

We have striven to stay linked with the anime as best as possible until the end of the Sinnoh season. If something appears in a Rebirth episode which unintentionally conflicts with any series related to the Sinnoh region or beforehand, point it out nicely. It may have been done on purpose, but if not, we'll see if its alterable. Thanks!



What Belongs to Whom?

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Special Thanks

Satoshi Tajiri - without his ideas for collectible critters, Pokémon Rebirth would have never been made.

Sarah Schanze, Oren Soffer and Silvester Sasinek for inspiring Rebirth's creation through their Pokécentric websites.

Additional thanks to Oren and Silvester for allowing the concepts of Virtual/Sound type Pokémon to be used in the RU.

Tim Dixon, for without his whole-hearted enthusiasm and support of Pokémon Rebirth, the project would likely have been abandoned back in 2003. And also for continuing to bounce worldbuilding and plot development stuff about with me in Rebirth's later years.

Philippa Gissing for inspiring some of Rebirth's concepts (and showcasing others) through her website "Pokemon Minami".

Meredith Kielian for hosting my sites from 2001 to mid 2006 and purchasing me my first multi-region DVD player.

Kirk Moore for arranging the music that was featured on the splash page prior to browsers phasing out Flash player, and for hosting my sites between mid 2006 and late 2008.

The late Steven Kottke for the technical help he gave, his general interest and allowing Lunan to be included in the Pokémon Rebirth universe. and Bulbagarden for their fantastic range of reference materials which have been and continue to be exceedingly useful.

The team of the now-defunct Pokémon World magazine who not only printed encouraging words about Rebirth on the letters page in issue 41, but further supported the project by publishing a booklet version of "Fleeting Shadow".

And not forgetting you, the fans! ^_^



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