Jasmyna Kay

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Jasmyna Kay specializes in Eevee training, inspired by her parents efforts' running a specialised preservation centre for the species. Her goal is to uncover all elemental variants of Eevee and raise one of each.







Jasmyna loves to write poetry and do gymnastics. She feels a very close relationship with her Eevees and strongly defends them against those who hold negative opinions on them.



After her home was attacked and demolished by Holon operatives seeking Eevees, Jasmyna was sent to study at Pokémon Technical with funds gathered by relatives, while her parents tried to rebuild their livelihood. Jasmyna made a close friend in James Morgan, a fellow student who overlooked her quirks and encouraged her to follow her dreams.




- "Bubbles" (Vaporeon)

- "Flare" (Flareon)

- "Jolt" (Jolteon)

- "Taiyo" (Espeon)

- "Tsuki" (Umbreon)

Jasmyna Kay


25 (in 2001)



Hometown Stone Town, KA
Relatives n/a
Class Pokemon Trainer
First Episode

Getting Technical

'Jasmyna Kay' was created by Linda Pierce and has been used with permission.