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James Morgan was one third of a trio of Team Rocket operatives commissioned by Giovanni to track Ash Ketchum. Responsible for the team's many mottos and songs, James enjoys his free-wheeling lifestyle (when it doesn't contain pain and suffering).

In one sense, James is a kid trapped in a man’s body. He often opens his mouth without thinking first, he moans if something gets to him and is usually the brunt or the source of immature actions. However, despite these occasional outbursts of ego and ignorance, James is an otherwise thoughtful and self-sacrificing character.

James is an excellent strategist, but recent time spent working alongside Jessie Matthews taught him to resign himself to her abstract decision-making most of the time. Sometimes torn between doing what's best for himself and what's best for others, James can switch from being aloof and self-orientated one minute to being lost and confused the next.



James is a skilled PokéRinger competitor and lock picker, is able to hack computer systems and has an exceptional aim. He is also good at composing poetry and choreographing performances - a talent utilised greatly by his co-worker during her involvement in Pokémon Contests



James loves food, travelling, attention, creating puns and collecting bottle caps, as well as Chou Tatakae cards for their artwork. He also enjoys watching superhero shows. However he dislikes being treated disrespectfully by younger people (particularly if they're making jokes about his age) and any mention of the word 'fiancée' or 'marriage' in relation to his name.



James' childhood was an extravagant yet regimental one. Intent on making their son a model of etiquette and talent, James' parents had him vigorously home schooled in a variety of subjects from PokéRinger training and violin playing to calligraphy and dance.

James travelled frequently since his father owned many holiday homes. As a result, he knew of quite a few species of Pokémon and was endowed with much cultural knowledge.

Shortly after James had turned 10, he met Jessebelle Hianmyte at one of his parents' many fancy gatherings. Immediately struck by her beauty, James decided to propose - an idea which his parents found very appealing, as Jessebelle had an equally profitable background.

However, upon finding out what Jessebelle's personality was like, James was immediately repulsed by the idea of marrying her. But by then it was too late - he soon discovered that his and Jessebelle's parents had formed an agreement, and that he had been placed into arranged matrimony whether he liked it or not.

Further suppressed by the girl's insistence to correct him at every turn, James ran away from home and sought help from his grandparents. In turn, they sent him to Pokémon Technical - partly to satisfy their daughter and son-in-law's desires to have James properly educated, but mostly to get James out of harm's way.

The next few years were spent in the safety of PokeTech's compound, where James made friends in several of the students there. One in particular made quite an impression upon him. Her name was Jessie Matthews and she was to become quite an influential figure in James' life.

Jessie's overconfidence and James' attempts to get her on the right track resulted in both their downfalls, when their negligence of their studies and lack of sleep landed them with the lowest exam marks in the history of the school. The pair left Pokémon Technical and spent a few months as part of a bike gang upon the cycling road between Sunny Town and Gravenport City. It is thought that this tough environment cultivated a rebellious nature in James that, following a fiery separation from Jessie, was the source of his decision to join Team Rocket.

Shortly afterward, James found himself reunited with Jessie and the two began working side by side as operatives, joined by a unique talking Meowth. Their primary years of drone rank service showed them to be most promising. However, following a chance meeting with Ash Ketchum, they were re-assigned a more permanent tracking job.

Once Ash disappeared, James and his associates found themselves without a task to fulfil, and were removed from Active Duty shortly afterward.



Spoiler Warning - Major plot details may follow



James later became the primary test subject for Professor Bohrgram's controversial pokémon-human hybridization techniques as part of Project Rebirth. These experiments resulted in him becoming a variant form of Houndoom during the night hours, wherein he would revert to pokémon instinct and remember nothing of his actions after becoming human again.


Ability : Tension    Purgatory/Beat Up/Thunder Fang/Trickery

James' corrupted DNA was repaired following a combined effort by Professors Alistair Gordon and Moby Thomas.










Chime may appear to be a ditz, but she is just extremely cheerful. Her boundless optimism swings between refreshing and annoying. She has a good word to say about everyone, even Adam. Which is a lot more than can be said for her trainer.

Heal Bell
Double Edge
Secret Power
Heal Pulse


- "Growlie" Arcanine

- Weezing (Released)

- Victreebel (Traded)

- Cacnea (Given to Gardenia)

- Carnivine (Released)

- Mimejunior (Released)

James Morgan


24 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, KA

Christopher & Rebecca Morgan (Parents)

Bernard Morgan (Uncle)

Wilhelmina & Granger Channery (Grandparents, Mother's side)

Class n/a

The wig used for James' 'Carl Ludlass' identity in Ultimatum.