(Prof.) Ein Bohrgram

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Ein Bohrgram is one of the top ranking scientists within Team Rocket's head Tatto division. Power-hungry, highly intelligent and without remorse, he is very much a perfectionist and has frequently backed various projects to create increasingly stronger pokémon at any cost.

When pushed, he is in fact a competent battler - usually resorting to poison, delaying tactics and means to ensure his pokémon's moves are 100% accurate.








During his time working as an admin for the Orrean organization Cipher, Ein took Sanguine Alliance research and implemented it to form the crux of the methods and technology that brought Ondus Verich's Shadow Pokémon project to fruition. Following Wesley Williams' uncovering of Cipher's dealings, Ein swiftly escaped to Johto, leaving Lovrina Sarkoza to further develop his 'shadowization' research.

Upon arriving in Johto, Ein took to secretly reverse-engineering an abandoned piece of Lunari shape shifting technology he had snatched from Cipher, in the hopes that understanding how it worked could help to further knowledge on genetically modifying life forms. However, an unexpected event involving two boys discovering his hidden laboratory brought Ein's work to the attention of Team Rocket. Giovanni promised Ein anonymity and protection in exchange for him sharing the knowledge he had gathered during the entire length of his research.

Ein then became a key figure in Project Omega, offering not only information on the technology he had studied, but also what little he knew about Cho'moken-wielders - leading to the capture of Andh Yung.

After Project Omega's seeming failure, Ein was re-assigned to Project Rebirth, moving to Tatto along with the core of Team Rocket's scientific minds.





Ein Bohrgram


63 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, ??


Class Team Rocket Scientist