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Cho'moken (chokkan monsuta) is a word to describe the power of Pokémon within humans. Cho'moken wielders are humans bearing the in-born ability to use Aura to manipulate a certain type of element. While lacking the correct genetic makeup to generate fire, water or electricity, the genes of Cho'moken-wielders are strengthened against the element they can control to the point that they are practically invulnerable to it.

In ancient times, these abilities, and their skills of taming Pokémon whose elements paralleled their own, caused many to title Cho'moken wielders 'Pokémon Masters'.

Research has proven that Cho'moken is present throughout within the entire Pokéworld human race, though in varying levels of intensity, due to gene inheritance.


There are seven variants of Cho'moken in all, the strongest variant is the psychic variety, and wielders possess a variety of unfathomable skills, some unique to their family line. Psychic Cho'moken is also considered the most dangerous of all elemental types. It is said to be identical to the primary strain which all other elements derived from, and most humans are unable to handle this level of Aura without suffering brain damage.

All pure Cho'moken wielders (children from parents who both possess Cho'moken abilities of the same type) have the ability to evolve the Pokémon of their element, but it takes a massive amount of energy to do so.
If a child only has one parent with Cho'moken they may never display any similar traits. Pure Cho'moken wielders tend to become aware of their skills at an early age. Such humans are able to use these abilities instinctively, but for either kind to gain proper control over them, much training is required. This is usually done alone, as Cho'moken is something rarely spoken of or displayed in public. Unhappy with the isolated condition of her fellow Cho'moken-wielders, Sabrina Wakanda set up classes in Kanto's Saffron City gym where they could strengthen and hone their abilities. Due to the great lack of people with psychic Cho'moken, it soon became home to the teachings of Kakureiro.





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Cho'moken occurred as a result of unauthorized access by one of the first Ocian humans to the heart of The Tree of Beginning. The resulting backlash of energy not only shattered the link between Oci and Tajigyama's realms, but also corrupted the physical structure of the figures living nearest the tree. This mutation bestowed him with unusual psychic abilities, but at a price. The same energy wave had engulfed much of the world, corrupting the cells of all creatures present. As a result, humans, Animalia and Pokémon alike became destined to age and die.

Guilt-stricken by the selfishness of their brother, the affected humans consented to have their abilities elementally diluted, and were soon divided into various sub-sections of the Ancient Colossal Tree Tribe. One sub-section was given a heavy responsibility and granted to keep their powers as they were. It was from this section that the role of Ahnloka came to exist - a role that would be passed down through many members of in the years that followed.


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Psychic- Psychic Cho'moken wielders can use all manner of abilities from telekinesis and telepathy, to aura projection, limited prediction, teleportation and even form-shifting, depending on their ancestry.

Water - The most experienced Cho'moken wielders of this element are thought to be able to make it rain at will. Manipulating the fluids in the bodies of living creatures enables them to use a kind of pseudo-telekinesis.

Fire- Cho'moken wielders of this element are invulnerable to fire - though this doesn't include their clothing, unless its been flame proofed.

Electric- Cho'moken wielders of this element that haven't yet learned to suppress their abilities tend to cause electrical devices to malfunction just by standing near them. They are able to harness the energy from artificial and natural power sources and manipulate it. They are invulnerable to lightning strikes and similar electrical bombardment.

Grass - Cho'moken wielders of this element can be quite passionate about grass type Pokémon, are green-fingered and can increase the growth rate of plantlife, as well as temporarily control its movement. They can also harness solar energy and project it in blasts.

Earth- Cho'moken wielders of this element are theorized to be able to erode rock and similar minerals at rates far quicker than normal.

Air - Cho'moken wielders of this element are able to manipulate air currents which grants them greater agility and to jump higher and farther than most.



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