The Tree of Beginning

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The Tree of Beginning is an impressive tree-shaped rock formation situated inside a mountain crater at the northernmost point of Lunan. The tiny passageways of the formation contain more concentrated Taragirite than found anywhere else in the world. These passages carry huge levels of Aura energy from the top of the structure to its foundations. From there, the energy passes into the Aura Network - maintaining the purity and balance of Oci's life force.


If the system functions without interference, the 'tree' receives its needed energy from The Millennium Comet through a designated channeller. In the past this responsibility belonged to the Pokémon Arceus, but in recent years the position has been taken up by Jirachi.


However, when unexpected events drain energy from the Aura Network, Agrarian Seers keeping surveillance on the 'tree' have been forced to compensate until the Millennium Comet's return.


Seer texts dictate the Tree of Beginning received its name as a result of its purpose. It is home to the origin Pokémon, Mew, who acts a as conduit through which new Pokémon species can be formed. Proof of this can be found in the thriving species of Pokémon that were once thought to be extinct.


Since an occurrence in ancient times where one of the first humans entered the Heart of the Tree and caused great damage to the system, the structure itself has since been assigned members of the Regi species to patrol the surrounding area. These Pokémon work independently of Mew, instead following the orders given to them by the Seers who gave them guardian duties there.


The lake under the Tree of Beginning is purified by Aura.

The Heart of the Tree, said to be a means of communication with another realm.