Agrarian Seers

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Agrarian Seers are an organization of Lorekeepers, dedicated to the preservation of a good relationship between humans and Pokémon, as well as the spreading of accurate knowledge regarding Oci's creator and various historical matters. Their name is derived from their status as being at one with the land and its creatures. They have also been referred to as 'The Protectors' by some cultures.

Seers live and study within repositories - impressive buildings constructed to house artefacts, historical information and precious knowledge. Others stand guard over locations or monuments deemed sacred, in order to make sure they are kept in tact.

Seers have worked closely with the Guardian Pokémon throughout history, and still hold a level of recognized authority despite their sidelining by The Pokémon League.



The Agrarian fellowship was founded when a talented swordsman -stunned by an encounter with Ho-oh during the events of the Second Rebellion- saw the error of his ways and sought to restore harmony between Pokémon and humans. On his travels he gathered supporters of his cause - some with Cho'moken and some without. Pleased with the intentions and progress of these people, Tajigyama granted them the position of watchmanship over the land and the Pokémon Guardians who maintained it - replacing the members of the Ancient Colossal Tree Tribe who had grown self-centered and wayward.

For many years these protectors and their descendants were held in high regard. But following the rise of Pokémopolis, the Agrarian Seers were forced to flee into hiding for their own safety.

Ocian humankind had grown out of touch with their true creator and their relationships with both Pokémon and each other were severely warped. The Agrarian Seers' reputation was damaged due to the past events which sent them into hiding in the first place and as a result, others had attempted to form their own equivalent of the universal government once presiding, with disastrous results. Further power struggles ensued.

These struggles have continued between outside factions and the recently-formed Pokémon League down until the present day. The Agrarian Seers continue to stay loyal to their teachings, and though they may have lost their governing status over both humans (and, to an extent, the Guardian Pokémon) they still bear protectorship over many of the Pokémon World's sacred sites and are often seen travelling the land in search of those who wish to know reasons for the difficulties of society today.

The Agrarian Seers are held with mixed opinion in the present day. Many see them as interfering busybodies due to their protests against works of The Pokémon League. Others have sought refuge within the confines of their brotherhood.