Ancient Colossal Tree Tribe

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The Ancient Colossal Tree Tribe was the founding group of people descended from the first Ocian humans. Named after the Tree of Beginning - the origin point of the earth - the tribe was consequently split into several smaller elementally-derived subsections after Cho'moken became present in humanity.

Each tribe later devised a method of creating their own unique languages, in order to keep specific knowledge secret from one another.



Tanmius (Water)

Believing themselves to be the most sacred of tribes, the Tanmians were quick to grow prideful and self-satisfied. When the Tanmians grew volatile against the equally pompous Teruptians, more peace-loving members of the tribe broke away, forming the Akusha. Remaining Tanmians proceeded to dominate other settlements, their aquatic-oriented culture later becoming the ideals that founded Team Aqua

Tribal Dialect: Aqilti (pronounced 'a-kil-tee')



Terup (Earth)

Believing themselves to be rightful inheritors of the planet, Teruptians immediately found themselves at odds with the Tanmians, who believed the same thing. Burly and forceful, the Teruptians set up armies and dedicated themselves to placing their name on land and keeping the Tanmians off it. Much like the Tanmians, a breakaway tribe from the Teruptians were known as the Eindoka. Teruptian ideals later became the origin point for Team Magma.

Tribal Dialect: Vanhjno (pronounced 'van-yo')



Nohvon (Electricity)

[no information currently available]

Tribal Dialect: Estricia (pronounced 'ess-trih-see-ya')



Arshia (Air)

Resilient and relentless, the Arshian tribes were better known for their somewhat unsociable natures and ability to survive in environments other tribes would not venture into. Following The Divergence, most Arshian tribespeople settled across Phrossa. However, some of them also live in the Orange Archipelago, particularly on Shamouti Island.

Tribal Dialect: Boeayx (pronounced 'bay-yak')



Eiden (Grass)

The most ambitious of all tribes, Eidenites were great carpenters - making their homes in forests and other lush, green areas. However, the greed of some backfired when their over-harvesting of wood to create living accommodation ended up turning their towns and cities to desert. Consequent generations learned to better harmonize with nature, and their residences reflect that. Arborville and Crown City are such examples of Eidenite-built locales.

Tribal Dialect: Kusarean (pronounced 'koo-sah-ree-an')



Matusha (Fire)

Emotional and dramatic, the Matushans were the most culturally-endowed of the tribes - responsible for the beginnings of theatre, dance, literature and fashion.


Tribal Dialect: Feuian (pronounced 'foy-yan')



Larumman (Neutral)

The largest tribe of all, Larummites were anyone who had not developed Cho'moken. Due to their considered lowly status, they proved to be the most humble overall. However, some broke away from the tribe seeking an advantage over their brothers - forming the Sanguine Alliance as a result.

Tribal Dialect: None