The Sanguine Alliance

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The Sanguine Alliance is an organization composed of primarily figures of Larumman descent- who have sought to expand the wisdom of humans with the intent to increasing their own power over other humans and pokémon.


Initially founded in Coalef Village during 570BD, The Sanguine Alliance's exploits have consisted of developing the art of Kakureiro, studies into the composition and function of Pokémon World dimensions and the acts of ancient, dangerous, technically-advanced civilisations such as the Pokémopolitans and Pokélanteans


Due to their primary objectives, questionable rituals, a member roster consisting of both Cho'moken and non-Cho'moken bearers and experiments with materials such as Distortia, the Agrarian Seers dubbed this organization "The Dark Circle" - considering it a volatile organization and having tried to disband it on many occasions. It is thought that The Sanguine Alliance was responsible for opening the way for Ghost type Pokemon to enter Realspace. Others have argued that Kakureiro has proved to be a beneficial tool in the expansion of human justice, particularly in the case of the Pokémon Rangers and Cameron Town's Sir. Aaron Cleagi who was known to have travelled the world gathering knowledge on techniques and incorporated ninjutsu-based Kakureiro in his style of fighting.


Currently, The Sanguine Alliance is under the command of Nascour Jyseis.



Current Affiliates

Tzila/Merle/Kistna Kamana - Collectively known as the Shadow Triad, this group of siblings are Nascour's most loyal followers, as well as some of the most adept in Kakureiro. They harbour a deep resentment, but keep it hidden behind a shroud of sullenness. Their primary tactics are stealth and surveillance, but when battling, they use strength to overwhelm their opponents.


Giallo Yourne - [No further info currently available]

Ryoku Everde - [No further info currently available]

Zinzolin Iesbleck - A notably sadistic man who longs to see modern society deconstructed for the Alliance's whims.


Past Affiliates

Azima Kenedith

Bronius Ethrern

Rood Crismor

Gorm Troicorse

??? ??? [Commander Saturn]

??? ??? [Commander Jupiter]

Bella Feoras [Commander Mars]

Ikana Oton [Commander Neptune]

Suki Mitasall [Commander Mercury]

??? ??? [Commander Uranus]