Ghost (Type)

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Ghost type Pokémon are an elemental band of instinct-driven creatures with a primarily energy-based structure. This structure is not suited for our environment, but rather another plane somewhere within Cyberspace.

In the past there was much controversy over what Ghost element Pokémon actually were. Etched in many legends are stories of Ghost types being the remains of Pokémon that have died in the past. The molecular configurations of any Ghost element species give evidence that they are unique manifestations which bear little to no similarity to any other elements of Pokémon found elsewhere.

These interdimensional entities lived within a parallel dimension for thousands of years until intervention by members of the Sanguine Alliance
opened a rift into Realspace. Since then, Ghost Pokémon sightings around particularly morose and fear-inducing areas have been common.


This is due to the fact that while Ghost Pokémon had all the energy they needed to live in their home realm, they survive in Realspace by feeding on negative emotive Aura, primarily that of fear because it is the most nutritious to them. They obtain this energy by stalking and unsettling victims - this is an easy task due to their ability to become invisible at will, pass through walls and manipulate air molecules. In the past, however, Ghost Pokémon have managed to cause the death of their targets due to over-feeding, particularly Gengar, a mutation of Haunter that was discovered following transfer over the Pokéball Management Interface.

It is common knowledge amongst the science community that Virtual Type Pokémon are - at their essence - man-made versions of Ghost Type Pokémon.