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Aura is the name given to the ethereal energy force that originates from The Tree of Beginning and exists in every life form on Oci. It is theorized to be the primary source of existence without which, a living creature cannot be sustained, even if they have access to other means of support such as air, food or water.

The scientific term given to Aura is 'Infinity Energy'.

Aura levels appear to be quite dependent upon a variety of circumstances. Certain intensities of emotional states have been shown to affect aura output greatly. Aura in living beings is typically blue, and green when travelling through the Aura Network.

Pokemon have been known to generate a green aura when performing healing moves, and a red aura when performing moves that drain energy from a target.


In Humans

Certain humans have been found throughout history to be able to channel their own Aura and use it to recreate the abilities of Pokémon through the art of Kakureiro. Many of these settled into positions of Agrarian Seerhood, to use the abilities for the benefit of others.

Cho'moken-wielders are naturally born with higher Aura levels governed towards a certain element.



In Pokémon

Studies have linked the use of Aura with a wide range of Pokémon abilities. A heightened level of Aura in a Pokémon is often responsible for manifesting an ability to communicate telepathically or even, in some rare cases audibly in human speech.

Lucario in particular are best known for their ability to directly channel its own Aura into attacks and combat weaponry.