Aura Network

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The Aura Network is the modern name given to the subterranean channels that carry aura energy throughout planet Oci. Every aura stream originates from the Tree of Beginning and interconnects with one another, thus forming a network. Other, more archaic names given to this arrangement have been 'the veins of the earth' and 'the dragon force', due to the Aura Network containing light element energy.

Over time, the Aura Network loses its energy. It is replenished every 1000 years when a channelling Pokémon harnesses energy from a designated astral body known as the Millennium Comet. Initially, the chosen Pokémon for this duty had been Arceus, but after his betrayal, the duty was passed to Jirachi.

Playing a vital part in sustaining the planet's organic life and dimensional stability, the Aura Network nourishes plants and keeps the soil fertile - making the environment habitable. The Aura Network is also capable of transferring certain kinds of psychic signals, and this was used to limited effect during the Ocian Feudal Era.

Damage or corruption caused to the Aura Network has resulted in dangerous consequences, from turning large areas of land to desert, to creating rifts in the fabric of space-time.

Sighting of an exposed channel in the Aura Network.


After effects of a corrupted area of Aura Network.