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Arceus (Japanese: Arceus) is a powerful energy conduit and the second Pokémon to have been brought into existence, after Mew.


Possessing the ability to wield all the natural elements, Arceus was initially created to forge the Pokémon World and everything upon it. However, their pride became swollen by their own responsibilities and -some time during the Pokémopolitan dynasty- they took it upon themself to create the region of Sinnoh, partly rupturing an important Aura vein in the process. For this act, Arceus was chastised by their creator via the Agrarian Seers, and forced to take on an equine form.


As part of this punishment, a yellow chain was made to suppress Arceus' power; diverting the majority of their Aura harmlessly into the surrounding atmosphere. It is thought that from this data, Cyrus Titian of Team Galactic was able to develop a red chain - a device which worked in the opposite manner to the one that bound Arceus, putting powerful creatures under his command.


Following Arceus' punishment, Jirachi was assigned to take up the position of energy conduit and keep the Pokémon world's Aura network stable.


Pokédex Entry

It is said to have emerged from an egg in a place where there was nothing, then shaped the world. Mythology describes this Pokémon as bearing one thousand arms.



Following their punishment, Arceus took refuge in Cyberspace, undergoing a stasis resembling deep meditation. Arceus later surfaced to defend Sinnoh from an onslaught by Ho-oh commanding a legion of Lati wielding Draco Meteor - an event that thrust forth a chunk of rock big enough to decimate half the region. While Arceus managed to break the rock into smaller pieces, they lost a great deal of their power while doing so, and became an easy target for traitorous humans.


Saved from death by Damos Koridas who used his psychic Cho'moken to find and bring back their scattered elemental plates, Arceus granted the man an orb to restore his homeland to its previously lush and fertile state. In return, Damos was to return this 'Jewel of Life' to Arceus by the next solar eclipse, as it contained several of the elemental plates which were part of the Pokémon's life force.


However, instead of returning the Jewel of Life as promised, Damos - having been hypnotised by a Bronzong belonging to Marcus Ishignus - drew Arceus into a trap in an attempt to destroy them. The attempt failed, with Arceus destroying Michina temple and its inhabitants in the process.  


Descending into a recuperative slumber, Arceus' subconscious angered over their mistreatment by the beings they tried to protect. Disregarding their previous orders, they sought to bring judgement upon those beings upon reawakening.







Name Origin

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Punished Forme




Conduit Pokemon

Ability Multitype

10' 6"

Weight 705.5lbs

Arceus (Origin Forme)

Conduit Pokémon

Type : Null

Height : 15' 3"

Weight : ???

Ability : Multitype/Wonder Guard