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Jirachi is a unique specie of Pokémon with dual psychic and steel type elemental attributes. They have existed since the Pokémopolitan era, during which time some people believed the Pokémon had fallen from space and was able to grant wishes. This belief persisted throughout the years Jirachi spent dormant.


In recent years, Jirachi was given the responsibility supplying the world's Aura Network with the appropriate energy, a job taken from the previously-condemned guardian Pokémon, Arceus.



Pokédex Entry

Jirachi is only active for one week every thousand years. Intriguingly, this Pokemon's cycle of activity coincides with the arrival of a particular comet.





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Wish Pkmn

Ability Serene Grace

1' 00"

Weight 2.4lbs

Jirachi is one of the earliest existing man-made Pokémon. Created under the supervision of Emperor Sai, Jirachi's role was to process highly concentrated Aura into a more manageable state for Pokémopolitan engineers to create another kind of life form. When not performing this duty, Jirachi was dormant in a crystalline shell - preventing others from abusing their powers.


Due to Jirachi's diminutive size, however, it is highly unlikely the creature was ever meant for the generation of Pokémon larger than himself. This was further proven following an unfortunate incident when an ex-Team Magma operative sought to use Jirachi's abilities to channel energy from the Millennium Comet and create a Groudon.


Despite its Melecium-influenced biology, Jirachi is not considered to be a Lunari.




Traces of DNA matching those Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf can be found within Jirachi's biological composition. These three Pokémon, now considered legendary in their own right, were merely seen as prototypes by the one that formed them.


Jirachi was created with some of Azelf's physical design qualities, but a permanently youthful mindset, which resulted in respectful compliance to the one that gained their trust.



#1 Mesprit


Mesprit's design that comprised some of Lucario's physical traits, particularly that of the four head 'antennae' which were used to try and improve the channelling of Aura. Mesprit was found to be too emotionally involved with humans and thus considered obsolete.


#2 Uxie


Uxie's design incorporated a more efficient Aura channel which kept the functionality of Mesprit's while at the same time losing none of its acquired energy. The drawback to this was that Uxie became more intelligent and thus aware to its creator's motives. Uxie later escaped.


#3 Azelf


The final protoype, Azelf's head crest was once again modified to provide a balance between better Aura flow and acceptable Aura radiance. Additionally, its emotional and mental capacity was deliberately reduced with the intention of making it more obedient to its creator's wishes. However, this proved to have the opposite effect. Azelf was the most mischievous of the prototypes and held no qualms over bending the wills of lesser creatures. It was later discarded.






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Jirachi appears in Episode 35 and 36 of "Ultimatum"





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