Alto Mare

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Alto Mare (Aqilti* meaning 'High Sea') is a tiny island situated a good distance South-West of Johto. What makes this location so unique is how its buildings are surrounded by an extensive system of waterways. There are no roads; travel is either done by boat or on foot.




The inhabitants of Alto Mare owe the abundance of water to the existence of a mysterious sacred artefact known as the Soul Dew. Translation of Agrarian carvings reveals that over a thousand years ago the Soul Dew was granted to the Agrarian Seer guardians of an (at that time) unnamed island by the Lati species.

Prior to this, unpredicted strain on the aura network had caused one of the dimensional fault lines that ran over the island to start weakening. If the fault line were to tear, Cyberspace would be exposed, causing untold consequences. Therefore, extra members of the Lati were deployed along the fault line to keep guard and sound the warning should the situation get worse.

During this commotion, two young Lati were separated from their parents. Discovered on the shore by the guardians of the island, these Lati were taken care of and quickly recovered. When the fault line finally gave way, it happened to be over the very island the Lati children had ended up on. They were able to call upon their parents and associates who brought with them the Soul Dew to seal up the space-time rip and restore a more normal flow of energy to the island.


Artistic works depicting the fault line tearing and threatening to consume the island, the Lati children calling for others to help them and the Soul Dew those other Lati bringing sealing up the tear.


Following centuries of prosperity, Alto Mare's residents suffered an unexpected shock when they were attacked. The attacker, still unidentified, had somehow obtained control of two ancient pokémon, Aerodactyl and Kabutops. After stealing the Soul Dew from Acquentore Garden the figure manipulated its power and appointed himself ruler of the island.

Latios attempted to overthrow the tyrant's Pokémon with little success. These scuffles spanned the course of a decade, until Latios somehow managed to gain the upper hand. The resulting battle was fierce. Latias was quick to gather her young children and the human residents under her protection.

Eventually, having managed to ground Aerodactyl but greatly weakened by the fighting, Latios summoned what strength he had left to bring the surrounding waters across the island and wash the ancient Pokémon and their master away. This act of self-sacrifice brought the people their freedom, and it was at this point the island was named Alto Mare. Shortly afterward the D.M.A was constructed.


*Aqilti was the tribal language of the Tanmian people