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The Lati are a species of Light Type pokémon designated as surveyors and messengers, keeping constant watch over the affairs of humans and pokémon. Most of the time they live in an outer realm not unlike Etherspace and are very elusive pokémon with the ability to conceal themselves from sight in a manner of different ways. This is namely down to their remarkable physical structure.

Some people have thought that each and every human on earth has a guardian Lati, though this is highly speculative.

There exist three kinds of Lati - Latias, Latios, and Latiomnus.


Latios act as transmitters while Latias take on the role of receptors - the two ranks use a technique called sight sharing in order to deliver important visual and audio information. These abilities were considered invaluable during ancient times when lack of technological advances impaired communication.

Latiomnus are the sentinels of the outer realm. There are only a limited number of them in existence, and they are responsible for organizing the affairs of the Latias and Latios. Latiomnus have never been seen in the physical realm where Oci exists.

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The composition of a Lati's feathers causes them to react to the atmosphere in such a way that, when tilted at a certain angle, they enable the Pokémon to alter the environment directly around itself. This ability can be used to conceal a Latias or Latios from the sight of other living creatures and even inanimate devices such as security cameras.

In much the same way, the 'feather mirage' technique can be used to make a Lati appear to be a life form it is not. Contrary to popular belief, both species have the ability to disguise themselves in this way, but seem to prefer taking on human appearances rather than those of other Pokémon. This is possibly due to their height.


Agrarian Seer texts point to the reason for a Lati's ability to disguise itself stemming from its appointed job as guardians over humankind

Lati have to spread out their wings when taking to flight. Since this has sometimes occurred while the creatures were still in disguise, it has led to some interesting eyewitness reports and artistic impressions.

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A stained glass window of a Kantoan orphanage depicting winged humans.

A stained glass window of a Kantoan orphanage depicting winged humans.