Defence Mechanism of Alto Mare

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The Defence Mechanism of Alto Mare [D.M.A] was created by Jirair van Lawrence I in 1955FD after a decade of tyranny which was brought to a close by two members of the Lati species. Built as part of an island-wide security network, the D.M.A utilised the powers of the Soul Dew and a Latios to seek out and corner potential criminals.

Shortly after the D.M.A was revealed, the Agrarian Seers appointed over Alto Mare went into an uproar. They protested that such misuse of the Soul Dew would cause it irreversible damage and consequently it would lose its ability to draw the water to the island. While the D.M.A's designer insisted that his creation would not damage the Soul Dew if used properly, Alto Mare's inhabitants panicked and the D.M.A ended up housed inside a museum as an elaborate sculpture, nothing more.

In 1997, an unexpected intervention by freelance agents Annie and Oakley Wilhelm brought to light the dangers of this piece of technology. Not only was it shown possible to manipulate the water the Soul Dew channelled, it proved one could recreate life forms from Digita Material using nearby DNA data (as was done with the museum's Aerodactyl and Kabutops fossils).

Soon afterward, the D.M.A was dismantled and its parts were used elsewhere.




A D.M.A Prototype, previously owned by Jirair van Lawrence III

Lockdown Mode


Intended mainly for security breaches, Lockdown Mode activates a Digita Field around the island which then enables the user of the D.M.A to seal off an area with gates and bars.


Activating the Digita Field

Sight Mode


Utilising the Sight Sharing ability of the Latios within the D.M.A, the user can view anywhere within the island's Digita Field.