Annie Wilhelm

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Annie Wilhelm is the daughter to the owner of a highly successful Johtoan jewellery manufacturing corporation and as such, has developed quite a taste for shiny stones.

Coming across as blunt and a little air-headed, Annie can make rather fatal mistakes if distracted by something she wants.





Annie isn't nasty at heart, just easily misled, especially by precious jewels and Oakley, whom she decided to keep close watch on. She seems to be more concerned with fashion than most other things.



Growing up in Palm Hills was quite a painful experience at times; many of the neighbours were often competing with each other, looking down and considering themselves better than everyone else. As a result, finding friends was very difficult. Therefore, Annie and Oakley stuck close as siblings. Though their personalities clashed at times, they became an impressive team.

Oakley was the more rebellious of the pair, responsible for their descent into espionage and thievery, while Annie became something of an overseer to her younger sister.









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Annie Wilhelm


26 (in 2001)



Hometown Palm Hills, JO

Oakley (Sister)

Class Freelance Thief
First Episode Mov5 - Pokemon Heroes : Latias & Latios