Beta Groudon

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Beta Groudon was a Pokémon brought to life by former Team Magma operative Butler Maturgé during late 1997FD. Large amounts of Aura combined with Expanon energy were forcefully extracted from Jirachi and introduced to a Datenvo containing Groudon's DNA, creating an unpredictable being many times the original Groudon's size.

Beta Groudon could be considered a glitch, due to its unusual physical nature. Its body was composed of partially-formed Expanon and while it was not capable of Groudon's attacks bar Hyper Beam, it was able to extend tentacle-like limbs to grasp at its targets. The flaws in Beta Groudon's development were likely a result of a combined overload of aura and the fact the experiment was not constructed in an environment where Expanon would be less likely to mutate.

Due to the instability of the Expanon in its body, Beta Groudon required a large intake of aura to sustain itself. Thus, it was brought to an end when Jirachi re-absorbed the aura keeping the creature's body solid.