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Glitch is the term applied to an unforeseen anomaly in the datasphere. Glitches can be environmental or biological - the latter often covering types of virtual pokémon whose biological structures have become corrupted, but also extending to other pokémon, humans and various beings.


There are very few examples of Glitched Environments existing without the involvement of Glitch beings, however the Reverse World and Broka City are good examples. Both of these exist in Mindspace, the former as a corrupted region mirroring an area of Sinnoh it runs parallel to, and the latter as the result of Palkia relocating a segment of south Kanto into another dimension.


Reports from Professor Spencer Hale and Professor Newton Graceland describe Glitched Environments as dangerous, nigh-inhospitable surroundings where everything lies in a state of suspended animation. Physics, colour and structure are warped in what seem like impossible ways. It is easy to get trapped within such environments without the proper means to navigate them.



Life Forms

It is currently unknown how it is possible for organic matter to become glitched. Theory stands that it is the result of exposure to Netspace, wherein the victim's body undergoes a reconfiguration process from physical to metaphysical. Should procedure go awry, data ends up unstable.


There have also been instances of virtual life forms, such as those of Pokémon Trainers programmed into Orrean SIM battle units, gaining sentience and leaving the software they were designed for.


Being of unstable composition, Glitch Life Forms will often have an undesired effect on the world around them. Researchers of this subject have made reports on Glitch Life Forms being able to control the flow of time, radically alter matter and even influence more stable life forms - for better or worse.


Due to their often apparition-like qualities, Glitch Life Forms, particularly those of humans, are sometimes mistaken for ghosts.


Most, if not all, Glitch Life Forms are detrimental to any form of technology. Those having attempted to scan them with a Pokédex receive garbled and indecipherable entries.



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