Reverse World

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The Reverse World is a corrupted pocket of Mindspace located parallel to a large portion of north Sinnoh. It is also the current habitat of Giratina.

As a result of the Reverse World's unusual corruption, warped variants of Realspace architecture and natural landscapes can be found and explored. While life sustainment appears possible here, physics are unpredictable - leaving areas of high and low gravity, and the ability to occasionally walk on vertical surfaces or upside down.

Professor Newton Graceland aptly described the dimension as 'A broken world where rules are broken.'

It is thought that a past occurrence involving massive levels of energy was responsible for the creation of the Reverse World. Further spacial disturbances continue to force clouds of Distortia into this unstable environment.

Due to the weakened state of the fabric between this dimension and the area of Realspace it lies adjacent to, it is a lot easier to pass between one and the other.

Additionally, the same event has caused cross-dimensional linking - meaning that damage caused in the Reverse World creates repercussions in its Realspace counterpart.