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Mindspace is a layer of Cyberspace in which emotive energy levels appear higher than that of other spacial layers. It is uncertain as to whether Mindspace is a sub-junction of Netspace, but it has proven possible to access using modern technology.

Mindspace is highly receptive to the mental stimuli of those in contact with it, and can alter its appearance based on human thoughts and wishes. This unusual trait may simply be due to the huge amount of Unown that live there.






Mindspace was discovered and named by Professor Spencer Hale while working alongside fellow professors Kadri Snowdon, Newton Graceland and Zero on Project Mugen. Using an experimental 'dimension cutter' called the Synchronicity Machine, the trio of researchers entered this area but were consequently split up by an unpredicted event. Newton found himself in the Reverse World while Kadri vanished, seemingly lost.

While all three scientists later escaped unharmed, their travels had uncovered a unique space which shaped itself to their conscious and subconscious desires.