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Zero Titian is a Sinnohan Cybertechnician and ex-assistant to Newton Graceland. Despite sporting a mostly calm exterior, Zero suffers with deep confusion, frustration and even shame with regards to his past. While very intelligent, he is also prone to bouts of eccentricity and if angered enough, will begin to act in a thoughtless fashion - even to the detriment of himself.


Zero's fascination with a portion of Cyberspace nicknamed 'The Reverse World' has bordered on obsessive - leading to the near-destruction of Giratina which inhabits this unique environment





Experienced with data salvaging and programming, Zero has been able to retrieve schematics and create virtual life forms - the greatest of which is named Infi, and bears a human appearance but limited AI.



Zero prefers the company of machines and mecha Pokémon to that of real people.


Spoiler Warning - Major plot details may follow




Zero is a data construct - the first of many Digita Material humans to be formed as minions for Cyrus Titian's Team Galactic. Unlike the other Zeroes, however, the original Zero had no encoded programming and bears more of an individual appearance.


Zero's DNA is a combination of samples taken from Erys Heritor -a former Team Galactic admin- and Darkrai. He is aware of neither, and has always addressed Cyrus as his father. However, he is aware of his unusual composition, and for the earlier part of his life, strove to integrate with Realspace-born humans in attempts to reinforce humanity.


But nothing he tried seemed to work. Humans perplexed and baffled Zero, while Cyrus in particular showed great displeasure towards him - considering the young man too human to be a decent Galactic operative. As a result, Zero started longing to learn more about the realm which had, in his own words, 'spawned' him.


Newton Graceland, a Cybertechnician who was recently commissioned by Cyrus, picked up on Zero's enthusiasm and took him under his wing as assistant. Upon discovering Zero was made of DNA-infused Digita Material, Newton devised a theory that samples from him could be used to create a machine to allow non-virtual life forms to pass into Cyberspace. The move worked, giving Newton and Zero passage into a corrupted portion of Mindspace - The Reverse World.


Zero was immediately captivated by the Reverse World and the Pokémon that resided within it, Giratina. No longer concerned with enforcing his humanity, Zero desired to govern an environment which he now felt something of a warped kindredship with - somewhere far from the confounding nature of Realspace and its occupants. Newton wished to capture Giratina's data to recreate its dimension-warping abilities - an act which Zero strongly wanted also. However, upon realising their primitive methods of data extraction could kill Giratina, Newton's conscience came into play and he stopped the project despite protests from Zero. With that, Zero salvaged the remnants of data and set about continuing the project himself.




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- Magnemite (Many)

- Magneton (Many)

- Magnezone




Zero Titian


27 (in 1999)



Hometown ???, SI


Class Cybertechnician
First Episode Mov11- Giratina and the Sky Warrior