Newton Graceland

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Newton Graceland is a researcher in the field of Cybersciences, particularly those linked to data manipulation. He is also the inventor of the GS Balls and the Synchronicity Machine, though the schematics to both have since been destroyed.


He is also good friends with Kadri and Spencer Hale - the three having participated in projects together.


Newton is a generally jolly, if somewhat eccentric figure with an adventurous spirit. He takes the rough with the smooth and is surprised by very little.









It was an encounter with a Drifloon during childhood that fostered Newton's fascination with unseen dimensions. Studies on the Pokémon led him to uncover information about Cyberspace. From there, he sought for a means to physically access the layers of it that computers were unable to reach.


Cyrus Titian took an interest in Newton's endeavours and offered to fund his research in exchange for Newton sharing the data he uncovered. Eager to continue his work, Newton accepted, and Project Mugen was born.


Joining forces with Kadri and Spencer Hale, Newton was able to gather enough data to fill the gaps in his schematics for the device that was to enable them all to travel into Cyberspace. However it wasn't until his recently-acquired assistant Zero contributed important samples to the project, that Newton's Synchronicity Machine began to function successfully.


All four scientists were able to pass into the Mindspace without problems. However, an unexpected incident caused Newton and Zero to be separated from Kadri and Spencer - throwing them into a radically altered portion of Mindspace Newton dubbed 'The Reverse World'.


Entranced by the unusual properties of this dimension, Newton spent many years studying the Reverse World and Giratina, the only Pokémon living within it. Originally intending to obtain data on Giratina's dimensional passage abilities to further improve the Synchronicity Machine, Newton discontinued Project Mugen after realising that such studies would damage Giratina.




- Shieldon

Newton Graceland


36 (in 1999)



Hometown Floraroma Town, SI
Relatives Vincent Graceland (Nephew)
Class Cybertechnician
First Episode Mov11 - Giratina and the Sky Warrior