Cyrus Titian

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Cyrus Titian was a wealthy Sinnohan entrepreneur and the founder of Team Galactic. Obsessed with gaining what he saw as perfection, Cyrus strove to utilise ancient Lunari and Sanguine Alliance technologies to manifest a new world for himself. During this time, he financed a pilot scheme that eventually gave existence to virtual beings known as Zeroes.






Cyrus had a fascination with robotics, computers and virtual beings - all of which he considered a level of perfection beyond humans.



While an excellent student, young Cyrus evoked worry from his parents who noticed his anti-social nature and seeming inability to express himself in ways other than anger. This frustrated Cyrus, who didn't understand other people and preferred to spend time working with machines.

As he grew older and took the reins of his father's successful construction business, Cyrus started interlinking human emotions to all the pain and suffering he saw in the world, and that he himself experienced. This angered him, but his own anger disturbed him. He sought out emotion-dampening drugs and started to fantasize about a world where 'petty emotions' did not exist. Surely, he thought, this would be a world that was truly perfect.

Shortly after, one of Cyrus' work commissions in Celestic Town exposed him to a wealth of information he had previously been unaware of. He learned of Dialga and Palkia, alongside the ancient myths that deemed them responsible for making the world. Cyrus began to formulate plans to harness these Pokemon - to create a new world which he would make sure was perfect.

His journey brought him into contact with the Sanguine Alliance, specifically, three of its more dubious members who were skilled yet unhappy with their standing in life. These people explained how they had heard of a hidden chamber called Spear Pillar, where circle members of the past had attempted to forcefully draw out Dialga and Palkia from their respective dimensions using the powers of Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf.

With the promise of making these Sanguine Alliance members his highest ranking underlings in return for their knowledge, Cyrus formed Team Galactic and began the search for the Spear Key, the primary component in locating the forbidden chamber.

He was almost successful in his motives, but the warping of dimensions by Dialga and Palkia was halted by Cynthia Roshira, Ash Ketchum, Dawn Didier and Brock Harrison. Despite this, Cyrus refused to leave his work, and vanished into the dimensional warp. His current whereabouts are unknown.





Cyrus Titian


36 (in 2000FD)



Hometown Sunyshore City, SI


Class Businessman, Team Galactic Founder