Ash Ketchum

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Ash Ketchum is an aspiring, highly-competitive young Pokémon Trainer. Ash admires the skills of his father who had - up until Ash's birth - been the leader of Viridian City Gym. Starting off shakily, Ash has since grown to be adept in a variety of pokémon battling techniques. He holds to the belief that the best defence is a good offence, and is very emotionally driven.

During his pokémon training, Ash was tracked by two Intermediate members of Team Rocket. He has also encountered and stopped other members of the same organization on several occasions, as well as helped foil the schemes of three other organizations, Team Aqua, Magma and Galactic.

Ash is an energetic character with a deep sense of justice and morals. He won't hesitate to help someone in need, whether a good friend or someone he's only just met. This can often override logic, causing him to leap into situations improperly prepared. He can have difficulty backing down from a challenge and is also overconfident at times, putting himself at risk. He also occasionally has problems understanding matters from another's point of view.




Additionally, Ash has shown himself fairly competent at a variety of athletic sports such as Pokémon Ride Racing, Pokéthalon and PokéRinger matches. He has even tried his hand at Pokémon Contests, though his main strengths lie in strategy and not so much in the beauty of his performances.

However, he has yet to improve his abilities at cooking, particularly when it comes to Poffins. He's also not that good a dancer.



Ash's main goal had been to become a Pokémon Master, until he discovered this was an archaic term used to refer to Cho'moken wielders.


Ash's two main loves could be listed as Pokémon battling and eating, in that order. He also enjoys swimming, climbing and other various forms of exercise. He appears to show affection for every Pokémon species he encounters, not liking one any more than the other.




Born as the only child of Brant and Delia Ketchum, Ash's childhood was far from an ordinary one. At two years of age he was involved in a harrowing event when a vehicle carrying him, his family and members of the Oak family was ambushed by a Team Rocket operative. Ash and his parents emerged relatively unscathed, Brant later departed from his family to work abroad, in the pursuit of higher paying job.

The next eight years were spent under the loving care of his mother, growing up alongside Lea and Fred Ceres, as well as Professor Oak's younger grandson Gary whom he became close friends with.

A short period of time ensued between the ages of 10 and 13 where Ash and Gary's friendship became somewhat of a semi-bitter rivalry - this later dissipated when Gary settled on a different role in life as a Pokémon Researcher.



Ash Ketchum


16 (in 2001)



Hometown Pallet Town, KA

Delia & Brant Ketchum (Parents)

Hypatia & Theron Ketchum (Grandparents)

Argent (Uncle)

Hilary (Aunt)

Fisher (Uncle)

Reed (Cousin)

Tamara (Cousin)

Rae (Cousin)

Galen Rhodes (Grandfather)

Marty (Uncle)

Yetty (Aunt)

Glinda (Aunt)

Trey, Troy (Cousins)

Class Pokemon Trainer
First Episode IL01 - Pokemon, I Choose You!








Captured wild while roaming Orre, he became one of the many test subjects in Cipher's Shadow Pokémon project and was later rescued by Wesley Williams. But something went a little awry with Pikachu's purification, and the Pokemon was left still knowing the move 'Shadow Bolt' - though on a subconscious level.

Concerned by this incomplete purification, Wes transferred Pikachu into the care of Professor Krane, where he was studied inside his Pokéball until a means could be found to finish the job he had started.

Despite the passage of time, Professor Krane was unable to figure how the move was retained, even following frequent discussions with Professor Oak during the latter years of his studies. In the end, it was decided that maybe it was best for Pikachu to have a trainer - to make sure that it developed a good nature and used its abilities well.

Consequently, Pikachu was given to new trainee Ash as his first Pokémon, since he'd woken too late to receive one of the usual three starters.

With an irritable and somewhat sadistic attitude towards humans as the result of his past experiences, not to mention a severe dislike of Pokéball confinement, Pikachu mellowed from his travels with Ash - becoming more of a quirky and loyal companion with a seemingly limitless supply of determination. Pikachu is fervently opposed to evolving, feeling he has something to prove as a first form species. He also has quite the talent for impersonation, able to shape shift his face which suggests Ditto parentage.

On occasion, Shadow Bolt has come into play during battles, downing one or more Pokémon in one hit - including those not normally harmed by electricity.

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Gutsy and strong-willed, Eron's cool-headed tactical measures have made him a useful ambassador amongst the Pokemon living on Professor Oak's ranch. He is also good with children - human or Pokemon.

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Galosh isn't one for battling, but his highly affectionate nature often results in residents of Oak's Lab or unsuspecting visitors getting glomped without warning. It's usually a fair way of telling whether its time you need a bath.

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Megan is rather on the possessive side, and would prefer Ash give her more attention as she has quite a fondness for him. In the past she would react violently to situations she didn't like - however, time on the Corral has mellowed her a bit.

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Staraptor (Captured by Team Rocket, deemed missing)

Torterra (Living on the Oak Corral)

Infernape (Living on the Oak Corral)

Buizel (Living in Cerulean City Gym)

Gliscor (Living on the Oak Corral)

Kingler (Living in Cerulean City Gym)

Tauros x30 (Living on the Oak Corral)

"Pistol" Quilava (Living on the Oak Corral)

"Donald" Totodile (Living in Cerulean City Gym)

Noctowl (Captured by Team Rocket, deemed missing)

"Dunlop" Donphan (Captured by Team Rocket, deemed missing)

Corphish (Living in Cerulean City Gym)

Sceptile (Living on the Oak Corral)

Torkoal (Living at Marty Rhodes' house)

Swellow (Living on the Oak Corral)

Glalie (Captured by Team Rocket, deemed missing)

Gible (Living in Pewter City Gym)

Primeape (Living with Anthony and Rebecca)

Squirtle (Released, working as a firefighter)

Charizard (Living at Charcific Valley)

Butterfree (Released)

Pidgeot (Released Living in the Viridian Forest)

Aipom (Traded)