Wesley Williams

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Wesley "Wes" Leon Williams is an experienced Fiorian-born Pokémon trainer who spent a number of his teenage years working undercover in neighbouring Orre.


Credit is to be given to Wes for twice foiling the schemes of the Cipher Corporation, once with the help of Michael Driscoll. He's also formed an unusual friendship with Mirabo Saguaro despite having been bitter enemies in the past.


As Wes has aged, his somewhat arrogant attitude has given way to a more light-hearted (his daughters would say 'embarrassing') take on life. Nothing really phases him and he's ever ready to volunteer himself for further adventure.




Wes is very skilled at battling and admittedly skilled at riding his bike, though a lot of this skill is covered up by reckless manoeuvres. He has also proven to be quick-witted and great at improvisational acting, not to mention a better-than-average 'Dance Til' You Drop' player. Additionally, Wes is a talented masseuse.




Wes is borderline obsessive in terms of vehicle customization, particularly his motorbike. He loves the great outdoors, travelling, exploring new places and being the 'inside man'.


However he prefers spontaneous Pokémon battles to organized league matches and, due to an incident that occurred during his early time in Orre, he does have an uncontrollable fear of clowns. He also has allergies to cologne.




The child of Agrarian Seer parents, Wes had been awkward to raise from the start. His attitude was cocky and self assured, and he hardly stayed in one place for very long. Despite these problems, Wes proved to be excellent at handling Pokémon, and as his skills developed, the Agrarian Seers decided he would be far better working out in the field than within the organization's studies.


Having grown up in mild, cool conditions, Wesley found it somewhat difficult to adjust to the intensity of the weather when asked by the Agrarian Seers in Orre to undertake an important assignment there. This assignment required him to infiltrate the base of a notorious crime ring who specialized in stealing Trainers' Pokémon and selling them, Team Snagem. Wes fooled the Team superiors into drafting him and after a few weeks of gaining their trust and gathering information, he broke out - taking the organization's prototype Trainer ID re-writing device, the Snag Machine, and heavily damaging their base in the process.


Once he learned that Orre's troubles extended far beyond the petty crimes of Team Snagem, Wes took it upon himself to get to the bottom of it - while seeking out and retrieving affected Pokémon from those they had been sold to. Repossessing Pokémon was a wild and risky lifestyle, with many trainers he came up against unwilling to give them up without further trouble. Fortunately, Wes had support from Rui Temujin - a youth with psychic Cho'moken who he also rescued.


After some time together, the two became very good friends. Following another major assignment in Orre, Wes and Rui decided to get married.


The newlywed couple returned to Rui's birthplace in Cerulean City, where Rui was set to take over from her parents as the city's Gym Leader. While Rui accepted the majority of the gym's challenges, Wesley was forced to act as temporary Gym Leader during his wife's two pregnancies. Being a free-spirited type, he found these periods of time restricted to the gym difficult.



Spoiler Warning - Major plot details may follow



When their youngest child Misty was in early toddlerhood, Rui was struck with Aura poisoning after being bitten by a rare but deadly Moskastos. She was immediately rushed to a specialist care unit, where she was forced to stay for some time. Wesley was insistent upon staying by his wife's side as much as was physically possible - as a result, his triplet daughters Daisy, Violet and Lily took up running the gym and raising their younger sister.


Since Rui recovered from this ordeal, Wes has been able to return to his hobbies of maintaining (and driving the local citizens mad with) his precious motorcycle.


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- "Auvan" (Espeon)

- "Randi" (Umbreon)

- Makuhita Returned to owner

- Bayleef Returned to owner

- Quilava Returned to owner

- "??" (Feraligator) Given to Rui

- Misdreavus Returned to owner

- "??" (Magcargo)

- Flaaffy Returned to owner

- Skiploom Returned to owner

- Quagsire Given to Rui

- Furret Returned to owner

- "??" (Yanmega)

- "??" (Octillery) Given to Rui

- "??" (Mantine) Given to Rui

- Qwilfish Returned to owner

- Dunsparce Returned to owner

- Meditite Returned to owner

- Sudowoodo Returned to owner

- Plusle Returned to owner

- "??" (Hitmontop)

- Entei Released

- Ledian Returned to owner

- Suicune Released

- "??" (Gliscor)

- Sneasel Returned to owner

- Piloswine Returned to owner

- Stantler Returned to owner

- Ariados Returned to owner

- Aipom Returned to owner

- Murkrow Returned to owner

- Forretress Returned to owner

- Granbull Returned to owner

- "Dorakon" (Flygon)

- Raikou Released

- Sunflora Returned to owner

- Delibird Returned to owner

- Heracross Returned to owner

- Skarmory Returned to owner

- Miltank Returned to owner

- Absol Returned to owner

- Houndoom Returned to owner

- Tropius Returned to owner

- Metagross Returned to owner

- Tyranitar Returned to owner

- Smeargle Returned to owner

- Ursaring Returned to owner

- Shuckle Returned to owner

- Togetic Returned to owner

- Pikachu Escaped



- Wesley is an RU version of the anti-hero from Pokémon Colosseum

Wesley Williams


52 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, FI

Daisy (Daughter)

Violet (Daughter)

Lily (Daughter)

Misty (Daughter)

Class n/a
First Episode UY040 - Conquest (Part 2)