Rui Williams

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Rui Williams [Previously 'Temujin'] is a Pokémon Trainer and Leader of the Cerulean City Gym.




Rui has a mild level of Water Cho'moken which allows her to sense unusual kinds of energy signatures. She is also a competent dancer, something that puts her in good favour with Mirabo Saguaro.



Rui enjoys the company of water Pokémon. She is also a lover of the latest fashions and beautifying herself, something she passed on to her triplet daughters.


However, she dislikes moving at high speeds - unfortunately something she has to put up with a lot while travelling with Wes.



Out of all her siblings, Rui was the only one to manifest any signs of Cho'moken inheritance. After some research, Rui uncovered her ancestry which was that of the water-wielders, the Akusha. This in turn proved to be quite ironic when she crossed paths with and developed feelings for a fiery young man called Wesley. Rui lent her abilities to Wesley's cause in identifying the pokemon Cipher had experimented upon, and together they were able to rescue them and shut down Cipher's operations in Orre.


The pair finally settled down to manage Rui's parents' gym in Cerulean City. However, following the birth of her youngest daughter Misty, Rui fell ill from a Moskastos bite and was admitted to intensive care, leaving Daisy, Lily and Violet to raise her. Wes continued to run the gym but, as things worsened, he was also forced to leave home to keep watch over his wife.





- Dewgong

- Seaking

- Gyarados Given to Misty

- Feraligator

- Quagsire

- Octillery

- Mantine

Rui Williams


38 (in 2001)



Hometown Cinnabar Island, KA

Eagun & Beluh Samuny (Grandparents)

Daisy, Lily, Violet, Misty Williams (Daughters)

Morrison Samuny (Nephew)

Class Gym Leader
First Episode