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The Akusha were a trading community of people, a more peaceful offshoot of the Tanmius tribe who -like the Tanmians- all possessed Water Cho'moken abilities of some level. While this gave them exceptional communication skills with water type Pokémon, it also caused them to be shunned and feared by others. As such, the Akushan people were forced to expand their business by constructing a series of exclusive underground water trade routes. It is thought these preserved passages extend the entire length of the Kanto region.

Despite such constructions and the positive effect they had on the community's prosperity, The Akusha still found themselves isolated and longing for a home where they could be accepted. They were later manipulated by Sevan Vyctra into helping him forge Pokélantis, but later rebelled.

A small number of The Akusha remain today. Some of these members have turned to a nomadic form of water-based performance to earn their living.

The Akusha have also been referred to as the "People of the Water" - however this is in fact a broader term encompassing all those bearing a variant of Water Cho'moken.

Akushan water passage trading routes.



The Marina Underwater Pokémon Show in action.