Daisy Williams

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Daisy Williams is the eldest of triplet daughters born to Wes and Rui Williams.

Being a touch on the cheeky and irresponsible side, Daisy often uses her whims to persuade men to undertake various duties around Cerulean Gym. One of her most frequent persuadees is Tracey Skechitt, a guy whom she also playfully spread rumours pairing him with her youngest sister Misty.



Aside from being an excellent swimmer, Daisy is a method actress who has managed to work alongside some of Kanto's most well-known celebrities, including Fiorello Cappucino. One of her most established parts is "Hispeed Hannah".



Daisy loves romance, fashion, Cheri Berry scented fragrance, days at the beach and driving around in her yellow Voltmarten Heracle. She is a huge Brad van Darn fangirl and has a bad habit of frequently racking up hefty phone bills on his chat line.



During 1995-1997, Daisy and her sisters were put under temporary gym leadership while their father (who had been acting as Gym Leader while Rui, the true leader, was recovering from medical treatment) was forced to leave home to stay with his wife at hospital. However, not being that experienced at Pokémon battling, they decided to temporarily put gym matches on hold and use the pool and surrounding area to perform water ballet instead.

Later they passed the Gym Leader duty onto Misty before setting out on developing their own prospective careers.









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Daisy Williams


23 (in 2001)



Hometown Cerulean City, KA

Wes & Rui Williams (Parents)

Lily (Sister)

Violet (Sister)

Misty (Sister)

Class Actress/Model