Tracey Skechitt

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Tracey Skechitt is a Pokémon Watcher and lab assistant to Professor Oak. Calm, optimistic and good-natured to the point of seeming a little disconnected with life, Tracey is content with the simple things and will lend a hand to whomever may be needing it. Unfortunately, this tends to leave him open to being taken advantage of, usually by Daisy Williams who often has him running all sorts of errands.

Tracey is passionate about Pokémon, and the mistreatment of them is one of the few issues that can get him uncharacteristically fired up.



Tracey has the ability to draw what he sees with hyper realistic results - some have jokingly labelled him as 'The Human Photocopier'. He is also unusually stealthy and able to recognize certain Pokémon moves based on its stance, before the move has even been used.



Tracey loves to draw, spend time with his brother whom he looks up to, and has a great appreciation of pie, particularly Cheri flavoured ones.





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Following his 'induction' as a Pokémon Watcher at the PWG branch in Johto, Tracey spent his time travelling the surrounding area artistically documenting as many Pokémon as possible. His aims took him further afield to the Orange Archipelago, where he met and travelled with Ash Ketchum and Misty Williams.

Following an offer to work as assistant at his hero Professor Oak's lab, however, Tracey decided to settle down and soon became a permanent resident of Pallet Town.


Since his past and present personas have re-merged, Tracey can occasionally lapse into periods of bad-temperedness.

Tracey Skechitt


25 (in 2001FD)



Hometown Pudgy Pidgey Isle, WI

Mowbray & Linea Skechitt (Parents)

Tracey (Brother)

Roderick (Uncle)

Mikelo (Uncle)

Murray Menta (Uncle)

Etra Menta (Aunt)

Corey Menta (Cousin)

Conway Menta (Cousin)

Byron Daray (Uncle)

Class Pokémon Watcher









Kistre was discovered by Tracey on one of the Orange Archipelago's many islands, having been beaten up by an alpha Scyther who had mistaken his asking for directions as a challenge to its leadership. Kistre's self esteem was flagging due to the reminder that he wasn't as energetic as he used to be, but he refused to let Tracey help him out after recognizing him to be his previous trainer, whom he was still angry at. Despite Kistre's stubbornness and Tracey's repeated misinterpretation of what Kistre was feeling, the Scyther eventually warmed to Tracey's patience and kind nature, and joined him in his travels.


Kistre can be irritable and pushy, and sometimes tires easily due to his age, but he appreciates Tracey's tolerance of his limitations.

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Previously a Pokémon that trained with Macon, Raydar was given to Tracey to accompany him on his travels, and help him seek out new species to study. Raydar is perky and energetic, always eager to lend his skills to a mission. He can feel neglected at times, in favour of Echo. This was compounded early on by Tracey's insistence on calling all his Pokemon by their specie names.

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Echo discovered Tracey after the young man was temporarily left behind at a riverside by his brother, following a misunderstanding. She immediately took a liking to the (at the time) clueless Tracey, and pursued him back to the PWG. As an Azurill, Echo was cheeky and enjoyed playing tricks on people. Since evolving, Echo has developed a very precise sense of hearing, to the point that she can use it to detect any particularly unusual mood shifts in Tracey just from the tone of his breathing.

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