(Prof.) Samuel Oak

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Prof. Samuel Oak could be easily referred to as the world's most established Pokémon researcher. Over the course of his professorship he has taught many aspiring scientists and researchers including Vernon Elm, Spencer Hale and Foster Redell.


Pokémon Watchers adore his artworks and technicians marvel at his inventiveness, while Pokémon Trainers and academy students listen to his radio shows and flock to his seminars. Close friends and relatives simply admire his positive spirit, adaptability, strong morals and good humoured attitude, despite the tragedies he has experienced.




Samuel has an extensive knowledge of many pokémon species, can hold his own in a battle and, little known to most of his fans and students, is quite a skilled artist. Additionally, he is surprisingly adept when it comes to technology.




Samuel enjoys writing poetry, especially in Hoennian style. He has also, over a period of years, developed a fondness for tofu.




The son of craftspeople, Samuel was immersed in nature and technology from the start. While his mother would design and construct beautiful stained glass windows that Fragma Town was so well known for, Samuel's father Danyl was more of an intelligent experimenter, constantly looking into means to advance Johto into the next age. One of his inventions was a precursor to mass-produced Pokéballs - though his concepts were never taken seriously in his home region due to the prevalence of the apricorn-made variety.


Samuel began his work with pokémon at the age of ten when he decided to leave home and study the surrounding wildlife. The boy longed to visually document each pokémon he came across, especially since there was very little in the way of easily-accessible information. He particularly found studying interactions between pokémon of differing and the same species fascinating.


His parents were highly supportive of Samuel's curiosity as they, like most people in the area, were aware of little more than the Pokémon living in their immediate vicinity. With his mother's Charmeleon as bodyguard, Samuel spent the next few years travelling Johto. During this time he was reported to have encountered a Celebi which took him several decades into the future.


In 1951, Samuel left home and travelled to Kanto to study at the Pokémon Academy. While in Kanto, he was able to research further into the concept of 'machines with pictures of pokémon in them', something he claimed to have heard from a Pokémon Trainer while in the future. Worried that he might cause a paradox by releasing his own version of the device before the original inventor had done, Samuel decided to pitch the schematics for his father's commercial Pokéballs instead. Two years after Samuel's arrival in Kanto, the newly-formed Silph Co. accepted the designs and manufacture soon got underway.


It wasn't long before his academic accomplishments and love of poetry attracted the admiration of a Kantoan woman named Gilda Parsons who was also studying at the PA. The two became very close and promised to marry each other once their studies were over.


Samuel Oak


72 (in 2001)



Hometown Fragma Town, JO

Roma Oak (Mother)

Danyl (Father)

Cork (Brother)

Keegan (Son)

Gary (Grandson)

Duncan (Grandson)

Class Pokémon Researcher
First Episode

IL01 - Pokémon, I Choose You!

Passing his pokémon biology studies with flying colours in 1957, Samuel was offered the opportunity to act as Pokémon Assignment Official for new trainers in the southwest Kanto area. He accepted, eager to help out in the community and bought land in the quiet locale of Pallet Town. Here, Samuel and Gilda recruited some skilled locals to help them construct an extensive laboratory and living space.


A year later, Samuel and Gilda's first child, Keegan was born. Though not as interested in science as his parents, Keegan showed great interest in Gym Leader duties and, inspired by his trip to Cerulean City, longed to run a gym of his own in Pallet Town some day. He was given the chance to run Viridian City Gym during 1977-1984.


In 1981, Samuel took on Delia Rhodes as his lab assistant, as she loved to visit the grounds of the Oak Corral and interact with the pokémon living there.


In 1990, Keegan's life was cut tragically short when he, his wife Pandora and Samuel's wife Gilda were all tragically killed in an avalanche while out travelling with Delia, her husband Brant and their young son, Ash. The avalanche had been deliberately started by a Team Rocket operative. Brant, Delia and Ash survived with scratches and bruises while Samuel was seriously injured trying to protect his grandsons, Duncan and Gary.


Following this tragedy, Samuel was forced to bring up his grandsons alone, but found support in Delia, whose husband had left to work abroad. Samuel resumed work on his pokémon encyclopaedia alongside Alan Westwood who had been motivated by the recent advances in handheld computer technology. In 1994, Moriarty built the first Pokédex, giving it to Samuel as a thank you gift for his words of inspiration. It was in fact this very Pokédex that Samuel passed to Ash Ketchum when the boy started out on his Pokémon journey.




- Charizard

- Dragonite Obtained from the Safari Zone

Samuel Oak's laboratory, also known as "The Oak Corral"