Silph Co.

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Silph Co. [The Silph Company] was founded in 1948FD by William Mythen. It is currently run by Arin Mythen.

Silph Co. focuses its attention on several areas - Home Appliances, Pharmaceuticals and Pokémon Training Equipment. It is primarily known for its development of the first commercially mass-produced Pokéballs. However, it was also responsible for improving the durability of Technical Machines for repeated use.

An additional R&D department functions to explore more unconventional ideas. Their recent developments have included teleportation units called Warp Tiles, and the Silph Scope - equipment for tracking and viewing Ether Pokémon. Such research also paid particular attention to the abilities of Rotom, as well as evolution through trading.

While Silph Co. 's first branch was in Saffron City, Kanto, the company has since expanded to Johto, Sinnoh and Phrossa.

Silph Co. also sponsors the P1 Grand Prix.