Duncan Oak

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Duncan Oak is a student of Kakureiro at Sabrina Wakanda's Gym in Saffron City, Kanto. He refers to himself as 'Regis' and speaks with a false Phrossan accent, presumably to further cover up his real identity.

The sizable age gap between Duncan and Gary means the brothers' relationship is tentative at best. Duncan was originally destined to take over the running of Viridian City Gym, but left shortly after obtaining his trainer's license to undertake studies of Aura.




Duncan's grasp of Kakureiro is very weak - limited to small displays of telekinetic power. However, he does have quite a poetic flair which only tends to emerge subconsciously.




Duncan has been shown to occasionally look down upon those who show their ignorance, but also holds great respect for Sabrina and her Cho'moken abilities.






Spoiler Warning - Major plot details may follow


The firstborn son of Keegan and Pandora Oak, Duncan suffered a traumatic experience at ten years of age when the vehicle carrying him, his family and the Ketchum family was ambushed by a Team Rocket operative. The resulting ambush cost the lives of Duncan's parents and grandmother.

Blaming himself for his inability to save them, Duncan ignored advice from his grandfather to train a strong Pokémon companion and instead travelled to Saffron City in an attempt to train himself.



Duncan Oak


18 (in 1995)



Hometown Pallet Town, KA

Samuel Oak (Grandfather), Gilda (Grandmother), Keegan (Father), Pandora (Mother), Gary (Brother)

Class Kakureiro Student
First Episode n/a

Duncan as 'Regis'