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Team Rocket is a widespread criminal network whose members operate on the basis of exploiting pokémon for the gain of their leader and, expectedly, themselves. These methods of exploitation have included, but are not limited to:

- The poaching and marketing of rare species.
- The culling of species in other to make saleable materials.
- The modifying of pokémon in order to gain control over others.

Known Team Rocket bases still exist in Johto and Hoenn, though the organization is currently splintered into several factions - each with its own governor.





Second only to the leader, pairs of Executives are assigned to each regional HQ and are responsible for relaying all accomplishments for their region, while also delivering important instructions to the Admins.


Heads of division, there is one Admin for each operative rank, totalling five in all. These take instruction from the executives and deliver work accordingly. Admins have the power to assign specific operatives to work with Technicians, other operatives or groups of underlings depending on need.

Super Elites (Rank A+)

These highly skilled and respected operatives are designated the most important missions and will only work alone or in pairs, to avoid detection.

Elites (Rank A)

Elites are a generalized section of talented operatives and tend to be assigned a wide spectrum of missions. They either work alone, in pairs or instructing grunts as part of the combat division.

Intermediates (Rank B)

The scouts and salvagers of the organization, Intermediates are primarily responsible for surveying potential target areas, collecting pokémon specimens, or supplying Elite operatives with necessary equipment while they are out in the field.

Grunts (Rank C)

The majority of the Team Rocket workforce, grunts are involved in all manner of dirty work, and tend to be considered the cannon fodder of the organization. They are taught not to make any connections with their fellow team-mates, as their job is a high risk one and sentimentality over a loss is not tolerated well.


Any members involved in the training programme start in this rank. Depending on age, some Rookies can remain unpromoted for several years. They are not allowed to be involved in fieldwork without the supervision of Rank C agents or above. Rookies dress in a burgundy coloured uniform and are often mentored by Elite agents, as the latter gains extra credit for doing so.


Responsible for all manner of scientific business, technicians apply themselves to research, development, construction and experimentation to further the motives of the organization.


Spoiler Warning - Major plot details may follow





Notable Projects

Project Optima

Using a combination of Mew and Cho'moken-bearing human DNA samples, a very powerful psychic pokémon was formed. Giovanni's intention was to use this pokémon to subdue opposition and bring the world to his feet. However, he underestimated the consequences of the merging of these two sets of DNA. Mewtwo's intelligence and power was too much for him to control, and following several altercations, Mewtwo removed all memory of his existence from Giovanni's mind, and those of his underlings.


Primarily a venture to gather funding through public exploitation, PokéPark featured large mechanical replicas of various pokémon species - both common and legendary. Part of it was inexplicably destroyed in its opening week.

Project Rebirth

The continuation of Project Optima. Project Rebirth consisted of multiple stages, and would culminate in the formation of an army of mind controlled human-pokémon hybrid soldiers.



Contrary to popular belief, Team Rocket was founded as a means for good. Originating in Cosma Point, Tatto in 1905FD, Team Rocket was created by a combined human/Lunari arrangement as a resistance force against a gang of outsiders who -disgusted with the collaborative efforts between humans and Lunari- had been plaguing the town for many years.

The gang had dubbed themselves 'Team Comet' and the significance of the title for this group of willing justice enforcers was brought to light in this quote by the founders themselves.

"It's simple, really. A rocket, given enough momentum, can shatter a comet speeding toward an innocent populace. Therefore, Team Rocket shall take its drive to succeed in the battle for righteousness and shatter this unscrupulous band of thugs whose presence has overshadowed us all for far too long."

Team Rocket was indeed successful at completing their primary mission and continued to uphold the law in Cosma and other parts of Tatto for the next forty years. During this time, the organization was highly favoured and even marketed - with a spin-off TV series being made of two particular operatives' exploits. As the human founder became unable to support Team Rocket physically or financially any longer, they were forced to grant their half of the leadership status to their deputy governess.

Seeking cheaper means of keeping the organization afloat, a woman who commonly went by her business name of "Madame Boss" recruited all kinds of operatives to join Team Rockets ranks. Many of these people were quite immoral and swiftly corrupted the organization. Many human and Lunari operatives left on moral grounds.

Much of Madame Boss' interests lay in making huge profits. She did so by the illegal export of Pokémon enhancement substances, rare Pokémon poaching and various scams. Shortly before her resignation she was known to have authorised several missions to track and capture Mew.

In 1979, Madame Boss handed over leadership of Team Rocket to her son, "Giovanni Mortego". Quick to settle into his new position, Giovanni took his mother's intentions and travelled further into the realms of science. Many of his recent endeavours involved the enhancing and mutilation of Pokémon. In 2001, he was put under high security solitary confinement.

Team Rocket's original insignia.