Project Rebirth

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Spoiler Warning - Major plot details follow




Project Rebirth [also known as Project Revolution/Project R] was a large-scale operation conducted by Team Rocket over the course of five years - between 1997 and 2001FD. It incorporated the research of its top scientists, including Professor Sebastian's Force Evolution Project, Doctor Namba's Pokémon Power Acceleration Project and Professor Bohrgram's Human-Pokémon Power Project. It also utilised additional research taken from Professor Acroma.

As a continuation of Project Optima, Project Rebirth was composed of multiple stages:

  • The initial stage involved creating hybrid pokémon in order to trial fusion and enhancement techniques. Fusion was done on a genetic level, as early attempts to speed up the process by altering the genomes of expanon-based clone pokémon resulted in a horrific event where a proto-being not unlike Beta Groudon roamed free in Team Rocket's Kanto facility - absorbing any life forms that happened to be in its way.

  • Next, experiments fusing pokémon and human DNA were performed. For this stage, a modified version of PokéRus titled 'Augmentation Serum' was used.

  • At the same time, an Aura-siphoning machine was constructed to create a standalone living bio-energy source. This was later used to power laboratory machines on a massive scale and culminated in the formation of an army of mind controlled, human-pokémon hybrid soldiers.

  • Additionally, a massive network of Magnezone clusters was set up at high altitude in order to deliver the bio-energy to other Team Rocket laboratories.



Pokémon Hybrids



Human-Pokémon Hybrids

[I intend to place images of the listed hybrids below at some point]

Hybrid Venusaur Hybrid Charizard Hybrid Blastoise
Hybrid Pinsir Hybrid Gyarados Hybrid Ampharos
Hybrid Scizor Hybrid Heracross Hybrid Houndoom
Hybrid Tyranitar Hybrid Blaziken Hybrid Swampert
Hybrid Sceptile Hybrid Mawile Hybrid Aggron
Hybrid Manectric Hybrid Absol Hybrid Garchomp
Hybrid Abomasnow Hybrid Beedrill Hybrid Pidgeot
Hybrid Slowbro Hybrid Steelix Hybrid Sharpedo
Hybrid Camerupt Hybrid Altaria Hybrid Glalie
Hybrid Salamence Hybrid Lopunny