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Expanon is the name given to the organic substance which Pokémon life forms are composed of. Gelatinous in its natural state, Expanon appears to have the potential for infinite volume through Aura absorption, yet assumes no sentience or elemental properties until infused with a DNA code. All organic-based Pokémon revert to Expanon during the process of evolution. This allows the Pokémon's body to acquire the developed cells needed to master new skills.

The discovery of Expanon has since solved the mystery of Pokémon eggs and the fact they are the same size regardless of the specie that produces them. Pokémon do not lay eggs like some types of Animalia. Instead, the mother and father secrete Expanon from their own bodies to form the egg of their offspring.

It is thought that Pokémopolitan scientists used Expanon to create their giant Pokémon soldiers.

Cloning with Expanon has proven possible in the past, and is many times faster than cloning through cell division. However, it also has its drawbacks. It is impossible to modify life forms cloned using this method, as the speed of development is highly accelerated. Secondly, life forms that are not composed of Expanon cannot be cloned using the substance either.

Pokémon cloned or enhanced through cell division contain no Expanon, and are therefore unable to breed.

Expanon is not able to survive unless part of a stable life form such as a Pokémon. If left unformed, Expanon will lose the Aura keeping it solid and dissolve. Therefore, to keep a sample of Expanon in tact, a constant Aura supply needs to be introduced.



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