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Animalia is the classification given to a form of life which existed on Oci prior to the creation of Pokémon and humans. Bearing many similar traits to their descendants, Animalian species tended to be a lot smaller in size and only had a fraction of the abilities Pokémon wield. Scientists feel this is the reason why their numbers rapidly dwindled over the centuries.

Another contribution to the decimation of the Animalia has been as a result of human interference. While species such as cows, sheep and chickens were wiped out from mass consumerism, others fell prey to the constantly-changing environment which they were unable to cope with. It is thought that all wild land-based Animalia were driven to extinction as early as 8FD. Water-dwelling Animalia were able to survive in some regions until the late 1900s. Air-dwelling Animalia, the most versatile, have managed to thrive until this day.

Modern generations of wild Animalia are extremely timid and almost never seen by humans. Any tamed Animalia tend to be treated as priceless rarities and kept away from the public eye. A Muskrat farm in west Kanto was shut down in 1997 following the discovery that its owner was breeding these Animalia specifically to eat them.

As rare as it is to find a living member of the Animalian species nowadays, it is still possible to see and hear how they have inspired our culture to this day. In our language, style of dress and creativity, Animalian traits still permeate every corner of Ocian society.

Examples of Animalia styled toys.