(Pokémon) Egg

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A Pokémon Egg is the form all-natural born Pokémon species begin life as.

Eggs are created as a result of a compatible male and female Pokémon secreting Expanon from their own bodies. This Expanon combines to form the egg of their offspring. The specie a Pokémon egg contains can be easily distinguished by the markings on its shell.

However, these eggs are primarily incubated through the exposure to 'aura exhaust' - the excess aura that radiates from the bodies of living beings. In the wild, this is gained through close contact with one or both of their parents. The same effect can be simulated artificially in specially-built chambers.

Pokémon eggs have also been known to be raised individually by trainers. Should the trainers take up more strenuous activities such as running or cycling, their outer aura radiation increases. As a result, the egg they are taking care of shall develop and ultimately hatch quicker.

This is thought to be the reasoning behind Kangaskhan offspring hatching a lot faster when kept with their parents than when kept in a breeding center.

Different species require different amounts of aura to reach their full stage of development. Serious breeders are advised to keep a Pokémon with the Flame Body ability, since the increased internal heat of these kinds of Pokémon causes them to give off more aura than other Pokémon at a constant rate.

Like Animalian species, the first creature a baby Pokémon sees after hatching will be imprinted upon its mind as its parent.